Safety, Health, Environment & Community Policy

Galway Metals is committed to carrying out its activities in a socially responsible and ethical manner, that prioritizes health and safety, engages local communities and minimizes the impacts to the natural environment.


For Safety and Health:

The company ensures that;

  • All persons associated with the company, including managers, supervisors, employees, and contractors take every reasonable measure and precaution to protect the health and safety of all employees and contractors
  • Safety and Health Risks are identified assessed and managed
  • Policies are developed and implemented in support of our Safety and Health goals
  • We provide the necessary resources, information, training, and leadership to protect our workforce against injury, illness and hazards
  • Our employees are treated with respect and dignity


For the Environment:

The company ensures that;

  • Environmental Risks are identified, assessed and managed
  • We design our activities in order to minimize our impact on the environment
  • We work with our stakeholders to develop effective measures to protect the environment
  • Our work meets the highest environmental safeguards and standards and industry best practices for the areas in which we operate
  • We communicate openly with employees, contractors, local stakeholders and government on our environmental protection and sustainability programs and performance


With respect to Local communities, Indigenous communities and stakeholders:

The company ensures that;

  • We identify and manage social impacts, risks and opportunities
  • We consult and work with Indigenous peoples and communities where we operate to ensure we generate value for all of our stakeholders
  • We conduct community engagement activities in a transparent and culturally appropriate manner
  • We respect and consider community concerns in key decision-making processes


At Galway Metals, we communicate this policy to our employees, contractors, suppliers, visitors, local communities and the general public.


Robert Hinchcliffe

President and CEO

November 2020